Supercharge Your Goals
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Supercharge Your Goals

Supercharge Your Goals

I'm a very goal oriented person.

A big part of that is coming from an athletic background. I love having something quantifiable to reach towards and being able to measure how my progress is going in relation to the desired result.

For a lot of people, especially those with a fixed mindset, all that matters is the final result, reaching the goal. It doesn't matter what methods were used to get there, as long as you reach that finish line.

I think we all know those individuals who are willing to step over whoever they need to to be on top. The more ruthless the better.

In my mind, they're missing the point.

What if you set your goals with a different metric in mind?

The most important part of goal setting is not what you achieve at the conclusion, as most people believe.

The key is how the process shapes your character and helps you grow as a person.

Goals set by prioritizing the process are exponentially more powerful and useful because you gain skills that you can then apply to further goals down the line. You'll also be more likely to set goals that are personally and universally aligned.

If you want to supercharge your goal-setting ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How will this goal benefit those around me? Family, community, friends?
  • Am I improving the way I work towards my goals?
  • Will this goal process improve my quality of life?
  • Do I feel joy, passion and energy when taking steps towards this goal?
  • Will this goal improve my character and make me stretch and grow?
  • Will this process force me to experience new things and give me a unique point of view?
  • Are there character weaknesses I struggle with that this goal process will help address?
  • Has there been anything serendipitous or lucky lately that is pointing me in the direction of this goal?

These are just a few points to investigate, but they will help shift your thinking in the right direction.

So don't just set goals reaching for the target at the end. That's missing out on the real power of the goal process.

Use your goals to help improve your character, your relationships, your quality of life, and the lives of those around you.

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