Why Money Goals are Social
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Why Money Goals are Social

The more you seek to serve those around you, the more money you will receive in return. Abundance comes from others, how about inviting it in?
Why Money Goals are Social

Today we’re talking about goals. Specifically financial and money goals.

I want you to close your eyes for a second. Imagine you are somewhere far away, completely alone. Maybe in the wilderness, or perhaps on an island Castaway style.

What kinds of financial goals would you set for yourself? Would there be any point in doing so?

No, not really and this is what we’ll be discussing today.

Most people stick financial goals into the personal category. Maybe they include their spouse or children, but they don’t look at money through the lens of other people. Maybe they’ll affect those around them indirectly, but that certainly isn’t the main purpose.

While there are certainly scammers and other malicious folks out there who actively hurt other people for their own financial gain, I would say most people are more neutral towards others outside their immediate circle or family. Not trying to hurt them but not trying to help either.

This is the wrong way to look at it. Setting financial and money goals simply for your own personal gain is inefficient and ineffective.

You see, money is social, and so money goals must be too.

Does this seem counterintuitive? You already have so much on your plate just worrying about yourself and the requireds. How will you find more time and energy to worry about other people?

This is a scarcity mindset.

What exactly is money?

The exchange of value from one person to another. Or a business (which is made up of people).

Money comes to you from other people. You then turn around and spend that money and give it to other people.

The more open you are to this money flow, the more money will work for you (or maybe with is a better term). The more tense and restricted you are about money, the less people are going to want to help you reach your goals. Why would they? What’s in it for them? People give you money because you’ve provided value to them and solved some sort of problem they have.

The more you seek to serve those around you, the more money you will receive in return. Abundance comes from others, how about inviting it in?

A great way to change your perspective and get your money river flowing is to make it into a game. A game that’s fun for you and for everyone else that wants to play. You can work on elevating your own finances and abundance while also doing the same for others. Pretty soon you will have people coming to you begging to join and play your money game.

Now remember, the point of this game isn’t for everyone to just let you win. Nobody will want to play if that’s the way you frame it. Think about how you can make it fun and valuable for everyone.

If you can find ways to serve others and make their lives better, they will be more than happy to send money your way. Not sure how to do that? Ask. What problems do they need help solving? If you can align a problem someone has with a skill you have, there’s  your answer. Don’t have any skills? One, I doubt that, two go learn some! We have the internet now, where you can learn anything.

When your money goals become social goals you will have no problem reaching them and in fact, there will be plenty of people around you looking to help you reach those goals.

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